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Shopping rules

Rights and duties of seller

  1. Seller will inform customer by e-mail (initiated in order) about stock availability of ordered goods.
  2. Shipment costs will be specified individually according destination of customer and dimensions and weight of delivery. Seller will send information of fraight to customer by e-mail before Proforma invoice and will wait for confirmation.
  3. Price of goods and freight will be sent with invoice by e-mail after receiving of customer confirmation.
  4. Seller could accept only Bank prepayment.
  5. Goods will be sent on customer address (initiated in order) after five days from receiving of payment (in such case that goods is on stock). Seller has a possibility to decline order if Personal data are incorrect or if customer use doubtful method of order.
  6. Information about this step will be sent to customer by e-mail.
  7. Seller pledge to save Personal data of customer and don´t provide that to third persons. Customer could make request to deletion of Personal data from database and seller has to make it immediately. This step isn´t possible to make with information which are necessary for accounting and custom register which seller has to save – invoices, payment income, etc.

Rights and duties of customer

  1. Customer has to pay full price of product with all possible fees (freight, duty, etc.) initiated in order and accept ordered goods.
  2. Customer will give correct and true data which are necessary for delivery of ordered goods.
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