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January news from studio equipment 💡

The beginning of the year brings two new products to our offer. Both lights are equipped with LED chips, one with classic daylight, the other even RGB. Another common element is the control - the lights can be controlled wirelessly via the innovative Desal Lite+ app, which is available for both OS and Android. If you are interested in the new products, you can read a summary of their main features and benefits. Our short video presentation is only in Czech.

Autor: Vítek Šimek

Four new lights from LED ROLL series

According to the popularity of our LED ROLL series, we would like to introduce four new lights. Now you can choose from six types, starting with the smallest size 21x21 cm and ending with the largest and most powerful panel 46x121 cm. A technological novelty is an RGB variant with film effects and a radio controller. The main advantages of these lights are flexibility, power and weight. They can be used by both filmmakers and photographers. All new lights are delivered in padded bags, which can hold both the light itself and its most important accessories. We also offer optional softboxes with honeycombs for every light.

Autor: Vítek Šimek