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Výrobky FOMEI
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Ambasador FOMEIDenis Klero
It all started not as many photographers. I'm not interested in photography as a child, did not shoot on film. My appearance in the profession was quite prosaic. During the last years of uneversity, I...
Ambasador FOMEIJan Kasl
He will never forget the moment, back in the old days, when he has realized that great potential of photography itself. That it is not only about perfect timing, capturing the single unique moment in ...
Ambasador FOMEIDan Vojtěch
Daniel is a young progressive photographer from Prague, The Czech Republic. He is specialized in extreme sport and lifestyle photography. His photo career started with his dad’s old Zenith-E camera an...
Ambasador FOMEIAdam Bakay
Adam Bakay je mladý fotograf žijící v Praze. Focení je pro něj cesta ukázat ostatním jak vidí svět, proto se převážně soustředí na dokumentární a street fotografii. Díky focení měl možnost za poslední...
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