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Dan Vojtěch & Lunchmeat in Red Bull MaxSpace


What to do when the corona has adjusted your calendar and you have more time than usual? Ideally, create something interesting that you didn’t have time thanks to commercial procurement. This is exactly what the production of Tomorrow Creative with Dan Vojtěch and Martin Přívratský and the Lunchmeat studio led by Kuba Pešek said. The project is a combination of skateboarding, photography, and video mapping. Red Bull skater Maxim Habanec and his friends took part as riders.

The Red Bull MaxSpace skateboarding hall has been transformed into a virtual skatepark thanks to 8 Epson projectors and other equipment. Various shapes were projected onto the entire park using video mapping. After carefully aligning the projectors and mapping the space, the real fun began. Projection and riding.

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The generated geometric shapes were projected on the surfaces of the obstacles. But riding in a similar environment is not easy. You only see the shapes of obstacles thanks to the dark in the hall. Max showed us his skills and that he can ride everywhere. The photos were taken on a Nikon D850 in combination with FOMEI battery flashes. Proper lighting was keyfull to illuminating the rider, not obstacles. The successful result was achieved by a combination of precise lighting with multiple flashes and honeycombs

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What did we take away from this project, except great photos, videos, and experiences? That whatever the time, it is always possible to find something positive. We do what is our passion and in the best way that's possible.

In the new photo project, you combine video mapping with classic flash photography. How did you combine the lighting from the projectors and the flashes to make everything look like you want?

Combining the right projections and flash light was one of the biggest challenges of this project. Flash light was needed to freeze the movement, but it threatened to overexpose the projections and they would not be visible. The flashes have to be placed properly. For even better control, I used fine honeycomb filters on the headlights, which model the light so that it shines exactly where I need it. Thanks to the radio transmitter, I was able to remotely control the flashes and set the performance wireless, which saved a lot of time.

Who participated in the project and how difficult was it to implement?

I collaborated on the project with the Lunchmeat video mapping studio (Jakub Pešek, Ondřej Eliášek, David Fernandez, Michal Průcha) and on the production of a video with Martin Přívratský. The riders are Maxim Habanec, Jan Navrátil, Martin Pek, Daniel Rahman. The implementation of the project was complicated and took us about a week. But everything took place in a friendly creative and creative spirit and it was pure joy. We even had a barbecue every night, after the photoshoot we had a beer and we took it mainly by meeting a bunch of friends who just want to enjoy their time, and at the same time do something unique.
Dan Vojtěch, Tomorrow 55

With Lunchmeat, you belong to the top in Digital Media studios, and you have a lot of experience. Did you come up with something new after a joint project with Tomorrow 55?

I don't remember anything new we could come up with. It was all about developing our previous experience. We just raised the bar of complexity. But it was great to remember after a long social distance how great it is to do with friends something so creative. Pure joy!
Jakub Pešek, Lunchmeat Studio