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Dario Bologna | Interview


You can know The Italian photographer Dario Bologna, among other things from the spring FotoŠkoda Fest 2018, where he introduced his photographic work. At the workshop "How to take a modern portrait" he taught various types of lighting with softboxes and beauty dish and revealed his distinctive kind of sharp lighting, where no other accessories are attached to the flash.

Dario, how did you become a photographer?

My journey to become a photographer is different from many other people. At first I studied engineering at university. I am a sportsman, so later I combined my two passions and I started with sports photography, following the premier league of football and volleyball in my city, Turin. Then I discovered the magic of photography and post-production and for the last 13 years I specialize in commercial and advertising photography

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In a matter of photography, lighting and editing equipment, what do you use most?

I am lucky to have my studio in Turin, where there is the headquarters of Nikon Italy. I often collaborate with them and it is a great fortune to have their assistance. As far as studio lighting is concerned, I use the Fomei flashes Digital Pro X in my studio and for my outdoor productions I use the Fomei Digitalis Pro T600 battery flashes. This allows me to manage lighting without being dependent on electricity.

Can you share with us what postproduction means for you? Do you do it on your own or do you cooperate with someone?

I believe that for my generation of photographers, it is essential to know all the tools that the retouch workflow offers us. I really like retouching, but sometimes I use a retoucher that I've been working with for about 12 years. I believe it is very important to have a continuous feedback with our team to change points of view and to always guarantee something new to our client. For me, retouching must be essential. My retouch is aimed at enhancing the quality of the image. I always try to use techniques that preserve the pixel. Reflex cameras have increasingly clear sensors and this quality must be maintained. It’s also essential to have a good taste and to study a lot about the technique of colors. What counts is the perception that we have about colors, because there are not many fundamental rules to follow.

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What about trends in portrait photography?

I noticed that mixed light has been used a lot recently, so flash light and natural light. This involves a search and an accurate knowledge of the tools available. I believe that trends retrace those of the past, reinterpreting them. An example is the use of instant Polaroid photography

Some time ago, your advertisement photos of the famous goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon were seen all around the world. How did you cooperate with him? How difficult is to work with someone who is well-known?

Working with a sportsman like him was a great experience because he is not only a sportsman, but also a great professional outside the football field. I thought it would be very difficult to cooperate with him on the set. Instead, he was very helpful, respecting all the needs and timing that a photographic set requires. I'm very proud to have a photo shoot with Buffon, a great player in my portfolio

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Do you print your photos? Do you like when digital data are being recreated into real printed photographs?

Fortunately, in commercial photography, 90% of photographs are printed. Sometimes on billboards, other times in magazines. However, the print is rarely high. I always give the customer a certified print just to be sure that the photograph coming out of my computer is chromatically correct. Personally I take lots of photos even in my spare time and I have always had the habit of printing the best photos for my home.

Jaký máš vztah k sociálním sítím a co bys poradil ostatním fotografům při sebepropagaci?

What about your relation with social networking sites? Can you give some tips about selfpromotion for other creators?

Nowadays, it is fundamental to be present on social networks. A lot of people believe it is a waste of time, but in fact it is a good investment. For a photographer it is important to have a professional profile, but also to show the daily life, because we must remember that social networks are not our portfolio. For that it is always necessary to have a good website as a showcase. In recent months I have noticed that it is very important to produce interesting stories to create more interaction on your Instagram account. Managing social media is a real job... but the results are visible!

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What does relaxation mean for you? How do you rest?

Being an owner of my business means having many responsibilities. It is necessary to learn to distinguish between the working day and personal time and to do this I do sports in my spare time. I have recently become a father, so my free time has been greatly reduced and I devote as much time as I can to my son.

Thank you for interview.