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FOMEI 1-6x24 FOREMAN PRO G4 with AR-15


Ambassador of FOMEI Optics Toni Kaic tested Fomei 1-6x24 Foreman with AR-15 sport shooting rifle.

Right before the IWA Fair I got a package from Fomei with their brand new scope. The Foreman 1-6x24. The first sight of it and I fell in love! The new black matt finish where very nice. This scope where about to get mounted on my AR-15 sport shooting rifle. I went out to my workshop and started to get it mounted and ready to be sighted in.

Image 1

After a quick session in the shop the sight where ready to be sighted in. Off to the range then and up to the 50 meter marker. If my calculations are right with my ammo I will be able to shoot dead center at 200 meters with a sight-in on 50 meters and about 35 cm low on 300 meters.

Image 0

The sight-in where just as easy as on all other Fomei scopes and it only took like 2-3 shoots to get it to center. But now for the stress test, a training session of 300 shots both standing, in prone position and laying down. The first thing I noticed was the big reticle that was perfect in all the positions and completely sharp. The training session went well and soon I where off to Malmö for a shooting competition. The sight worked fine during the whole match and I went home satisfied with the new sight. I can easily recommend this to both hunters looking for a fast and effective sight for the driven hunts and for the competitive shooter looking for a reliable sight for their sporting rifle. As far as the pricing goes there is just one thing to say….. You can’t beat that price with this good quality. One thing to hope for in the future for competitive shooters are first and foremost a throw lever for faster magnification changes and maybe a more advanced crosshair.


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