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Attaching System For Backgrounds

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Spike -1pair system for 1roll

The system of spindles for background rolls is sold singly or in cost-effective sets.

€ 31.60
€ 26.12 without VAT
FY7345 Less then 5 PCS

Spike -1pair system for 1roll

One pair of spikes for 1 background (roll) - without chain and weight

€ 13.60
€ 11.24 without VAT
FY7364 In stock

Offseting tube 2,72m

The holders can be attached on the wall,ceiling, stands or autopole 400.

€ 38.00
€ 31.40 without VAT
FY7671 Not in stock

plastic chain

Plastic chain

€ 8.20
€ 6.78 without VAT
FY7362 Not in stock

Offseting tube 3,55m

The holders can be attached on the wall,ceiling, stands or autopole 400.

€ 61.20
€ 50.58 without VAT
FY7672 Not in stock

weight for chain

Weight for chain

€ 8.20
€ 6.78 without VAT
FY7363 In stock

brake for chain of spike (spare part)

Spare part  - brake for chain of spike

€ 2.40
€ 1.98 without VAT
FY3454 In stock

brake for spike (spare part)

Spare part - brake for spike

€ 5.60
€ 4.63 without VAT
FY3455 In stock

BS-2 Basic background holder systém

Construction for attaching the background. Set includes two racks and telescopic top rod. The size of stand: 97 - 260 cm. Size of the telescopic rod 3 m (3 x 1 m). The delivery includes transportation bag for the whole construction.  

€ 135.60
€ 112.07 without VAT
FY4299 In stock

W2/Holder for background/stand, 2 pcs

Uni Clamp System - set of holders, clamps and other accessories, useful for assembling of photo scene.

€ 14.00
€ 11.57 without VAT
FY7337 In stock

SET BS-1 (1xstojan+1xrameno)

Stand with the arm for attaching the photographic background. eg. for the passport photo.

€ 139.60
€ 115.37 without VAT
FY7327 Not in stock

FOMEI BS-2, background kit

The set of 2 telescopic stands and the top rod, which is composed of 4 parts and is connected together by a bayonet. The rod is assembled or disassembled in a few seconds. Suitable for attaching of textile background.

€ 223.60
€ 184.79 without VAT
FY7331 In stock
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