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Print calibration

Have you acquired a new device and need help with calibration? It doesn´t stop for us with sale of equipment. Rely on our technical support. We can also organize a professional seminar for you about colors in digital photography. Depending on the type and complexity of each operation, we offer three variants of services.

1. Specialized services

They include the calibration and profiling of photoprinters, minilabs and monitors. Goal: See what's on the monitor on the paper. Services include objective tests of ICC profiles and individual and group lessons.

1 hour rate is 85 Euros including VAT.

  • guides and ICC profiles of FOMEI and SIHL inkjet media here

5 reasons why to use specialized Fomei services:

  • decreasing of ink/toner consumption
  • increasing of technical quality of the outputs
  • you are saving your eyesight
  • decreasing the waste
  • progress from experiments to creation

Examples of specialized services with approximate time required:

  • calibration of monitor, ICC profile creation (45 min)
  • profiling of photoprinter or minilab, ICC profile creation (2-3 h)
  • objective testing of printing profile accuracy (3 h)
  • using of colour management system in digital photography - seminar (5 h)
    1. image and its function
    2. demands of different techniques of image reproduction on its technical quality
    3. physiology of vision
    4. additive colour mixing (for monitors) and subtractive colour mixing (for press)
    5. choosing of monitor and its calibration
    6. choosing of photoprinter and its calibration
    7. organization and illumination of the digital print station
    8. colour models and recommended transfers between various models
    9. setting and usage of colour management systems in Adobe and Corel applications
    10. data preparation for printing and proof view in Adobe and Corel applications
    11. photo media - papers and canvases for making photos
    12. practical examples and samples of typical mistakes

2. Service

This is mainly maintenance and repair of printers, upgrade of their firmware, installation and setting of drivers and applications for image editing and printing.

1 hour rate is 57 Euros including VAT.

By using the Fomei service, you will get:

  • extended life of printers
  • the maximum technical quality of the print output
  • the ability to work in the current and from a color management point of properly set applications
  • the end of the work process of trial and error

Examples of service interventions with approximate time required:

  • maintenance and adjustment of the sublimation printer (1,5 h)
  • replacement and adjustment of the thermal sublimation printer head (2 h)
  • lighting control - lighting measurement [lx], chromaticity temperature [K] and determining the CRI quality index (20 min)
  • aligning of the printer heads (EPSON Stylus PRO and SureColor lines) (30 min)
  • printer firmware upgrade (EPSON Stylus PRO and SureColor lines) (20 min)
  • maintenance and adjustment of EPSON SureLab D700 / D3000 minilab (2 / 3 h)

3. Remote help

There are a lot of tasks which do not demand the presence of Fomei technician at your working place. So we offer you a remote internet service. You save your money for transport and the service can be done flexibly.

30 minute rate is 19 Euros including VAT.

Examples of services with which we can help you remotely with approximate time required:

  • reinstallation of printing applications & the work environment setting (1 h)
  • print driver settings and remote proofing of correct printing (30 min)
  • emergency calls such as "it does not print", "I can´t see the correct colours", "I don´t know where to set it" etc.

Do you want to arrange a term or learn more? Contact our specialists:

Tomáš Rygl tel.: 603 587 902 e-mail:
Jan Kaiser tel.: 603 587 898 e-mail: