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  • wide range of studio stands 
  • robust materials for safe manipulation 
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    Master LS-13B, stand, max. 290 cm, 4 section


    The stand is suitable for universal usage in studio or outdoor. Robust construction from lightweight material offering to transportation between projects, but even to stable light or background mounting in the studio.

    € 79.60
    € 65.79 without VAT
    FY3513 In stock

    Master LS-6B, stand, max. 220 cm, 5 section


    Very compact stand. Suitable for lighting from a low height or lighting in small spaces. Built for maximum load of 5 kg.

    € 55.60
    € 45.95 without VAT
    FY3511 In stock

    BASIC LS-222, lighting stand

    The stand Basic for studio strobes /72 - 222 cm, weight: 0,9 kg/.

    € 34.00
    € 28.10 without VAT

    Medium boom light stand, tripot Terronic

    Medium boom light stand is a tripod with boom arm for basic use. 2-in-1 can be used as a standard stand or extendable arm.

    € 119.60
    € 98.84 without VAT
    FY7335 In stock

    Master LS-10B, stand, max. 250 cm, 3 section


    Basic and universal stand for studio lights. Despite small size offers max. load of 5kg and max height 2,5m.

    € 39.60
    € 32.73 without VAT
    FY3512 In stock

    Master LS-15B, stand, max. 295 cm, 3 section


    Heavy, very stable and high stand for demanding photographers. Stand consist of the telescopic pole and folding tripod. Constructed for maximum load fo 10kg. Suitable for heavy equipment.

    € 159.60
    € 131.90 without VAT
    FY3516 In stock

    Stand LS-209, mobile

    The studio stand

    € 199.60
    € 164.96 without VAT
    FY7649 In stock

    Master LS-19B, stand, max. 340 cm, 2 section


    Stable studio stand for heavy equipment with weight up to 40kg or background. Wheels are not included, but can be ordered separately.

    € 227.60
    € 188.10 without VAT
    FY3514 In stock

    Master LS-20B, stand, max. 380 cm, 2 section

    Heavy stand for light equipment. the stand can carry up to 30kg and it's equipped with a crank handle that allows raise the light to a height up to 3,8 meters. Stand wheels are not included.

    € 599.60
    € 495.54 without VAT
    FY3515 Less then 5 PCS