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New studio / battery flash kits


We see the real interest in battery and studio flashes, which is why we want to bring them even closer to you by creating discounted sets with a carrying case and accessories. Choose user Canon / Nikon / Sony / Fujifilm.


  • 24% DISCOUNT 
  • 600Ws / 20W LED
  • 5600K
  • 5 year flash warranty 
  • Manuální / TTL / HSS / STROBO sync


  • 1x Digitalis Pro TX600 TTL
  • 1x Padded carry bag with shoulder strap
  • 2x Li-Ion battery
  • 1x Li-Ion battery charger 
  • 1x AC power supply adapter + cable
  • 1x TS-5 transmitter (Canon / Nikon / Fujifilm / Sony)
  • 1x Reflector 16,5cm
  • 1x Shoulder strap for TX600 TTL
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The complete set of battery flash with AC adapter is ideal for all photographers who combine indoor / outdoor photography. The power of the flash guarantees great results even in daylight, and the padded bag with a shoulder strap makes it easier to carry between locations. You can use HSS, TTL and STROBO, but also to set all the values ​​from the comfort of the camera and see everything nicely on display of the TS-5 transmitter. So whether you are traveling to take photos of outdoor sports or go to a hotel room to take pictures of a boudoir with a model, this set is a compact and easy-to-use helper for your work.

TX600 TTL Canon TX600 TTL Nikon
TX600 TTL Fujifilm TX600 TTL Sony

Digital Pro X - 500 / Click Box 120 cm 16, FOMEI  

  • 22% DISCOUNT
  • 500Ws / 650W  (max. 1000W)
  • 5600K 
  • 5 year flash warranty 
  • Remote control iOS / Android / Windows / Mac OS
  • Easy and fast folding and unfolding of the Click Box 120 cm


  • 1x Digital Pro X 500
  • 1x Carry bag 
  • 1x Transmitter + receiver PRO X
  • 1x Click Box 120cm
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The set of a top quality studio flash for the most demanding users of studio equipment is complemented by a quick-folding softbox, which will make it easier to work in studio. If you are photographing projects that are difficult to move technology or you need to be fast at work and you can't hesitate to fold and unfold softboxes, this set is the right one for you. The Digital Pro X has a very powerful 650W pilot lamp, which can be replaced by 1000W, so in addition to flashes, you can use the pilot lamp directly for photography. In addition to manual settings, you can also control the settings using your phone, tablet, or computer. See the link below for more information.