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Digital Pro X - 700, studio flash 700 Ws/650 W

Product code: FY3001
Producer: FOMEI
Warranty: 60 months (Company 60 months)

New Hi-tech studio flash with maximal power 700Ws and 650Ws model light.

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€ 719.60
€ 594.71 without VAT
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Unique fast flash charging times allow the Pro X system to be used in the 3D photography industry. The built-in thermometer for the flash electronics will provide security for difficult projects.


All Pro X lights have the same control interface and the same functions. The control is therefore maximally intuitive and easy. Pro X can display the number of total flashes and its current temperature on the LCD display.


Anyone working with ceiling systems will appreciate the variable light design, which allows the handle to be replaced with a stand mount. As a result, the LCD panel is always rotated so that the display is easy to read.

The body of the flash is made of a metal alloy, including a bayonet for attaching accessories. The tempered glass cover protects the lamp and flash tube during transport and attachment of accessories. At the same time prevents injuries if the pilot lamp breaks.The stand mounting joint is also made of metal, so heavy softboxes and other modifiers are not an obstacle for the Pro X system.

Guide number64,3 (ISO100, Reflector 16,5
Flash output700Ws
Pilot bulbGX 6,35 650W (Max. 1000W)
Synchro modeManual control
Flash duration1/1500s
Recycling Time0.05 - 0.9s
Synchronization modesNormal/ Double Picture/ (HSS pouze s TR-X32 odpalovači)
Power control(M) 1.0-8.0
Color TemperatureFlash 5500±200K; Pilot Bulb 3200K
Triggers compatibilityTR-16 FY7829, FY7859; Pro X FY3446, FY3447, FY3453; TR-X32 C FY3480, FY3484, FY3485; TR-X32 N FY3481, FY3482, FY3483
Power supplyAC
Active cooleryes
Built-in receiverno
Synchro socketFOMEI Triggers + jack 6,3mm
BayonetFOMEI / Bowens
Dimensions372x120x255mm (h, w, d)
Contents1 x zábleskové světlo; 1 x přepravní krytka výbojky; 1 x GX 6,35 650W pilotní žárovka; 1 x napájecí kabel; 1 x synchronizační kabel; 1 x návod k použití
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  • We stand behind the quality of our products, so we offer an extended five-year warranty (60 months) for this product from the date of purchase, instead of the standard two-year warranty. Our guarantee is fully valid for end customers and entrepreneurs who buy on their Company ID.
  • Possible defects are solved directly in our headquarters in Hradec Králové, where we operate a fully equipped professional electric service facility, with a team of trained technicians.
  • We have a big stock of spare parts in our technical center, so repairs are fast without any delay. We understand the situation of professionals for whom photographic equipment is the main source of income, so we offer the possibility of renting an equivalent replacement of the product for the whole service period for warranty repairs.


  • Our products do not end their lives on the day the warranty expires. Thanks to the quality of the parts and the stability of the suppliers, our flashes are reparable more than 10 years from the date of sale. Most of the faults are solved by repairing the part, not by simply replacing it. We solve both electronic defects and physical damage.
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