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GoFrame 1500 Standard Kit - Corner Kit, Glue & Extra Staples

GoFrame 1500 Standard Kit - Corner Kit, Glue & Extra Staples

Positional corners, adhesive and clamps for production of GoFrame Standard - gallery blind frames for canvas stretching.

  • Product code: MG90002
  • Producer: Innova Art
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Set of four positional corners, gallery pH 7 adhesive and clamps for the production of GoFrame 1500 Standard - gallery blind frames for canvas stretching.

Set of four reusable positional corners, pH 7 adhesive (110 g) and clamps for the production of GoFrame 1500 Standard - blind frames for canvas and photographies stretching. GoFrame 1500 Standard means easy production of luxury pictures with 3.8 cm depth. Width of laths (= depth of picture) is identical in version Standard and PRO (3.8 cm), thanks to that you can combine pictures of different sizes on one wall or one exgibition collection.

Except for this set, the only thing you need are self-adhesive laths GoFrame 1500 Standard, that you can choose from fifteen different sizes from 10.2 to 91.4 cm and the width of lath is 1.1 cm. It is really the most easiest and reliable way for production of pictures with so called  "blind frame". For bigger pictures we recommed you to use a central reinfocement.

Because the process of stretching GoFrame 1500 canvases eliminates the use of stapler - the canvas is not adjusted from its back edge, so you can fully use the print surface of canvas and you do not have to think about the massive technological edges. System GoFrame 1500 saves yours prints material.

Tutorial video here: 

GoFrame 1500 - shrnutí výhod

  • nepotřebujete sponkovačku
  • efektivně využijete tiskový materiál
  • zapomeňte na nevzhledné sklady plátna v rozích obrazu
  • precizní napnutí díky zcela rovnoměrně rozloženému tahu
  • rám už dále nevysychá = plátno se nepropíná
  • hloubka obrazu 3,8 cm
  • výroba koláží (GoFrame 1500 Standard)
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