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Fluorescent Tubes

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OSRAM Dulux L 55W/930/3200 K for DESK-330,220

Fluorescent tube OSRAM Dulux L 55W/930/3200 K for DESK-330,220

Product code: FY7477
€ 8.50
€ 7.02 without VAT
In stock
OSRAM Dulux L 55W/954/5500K for DESK-330,220

Fluorescent tube OSRAM Dulux L 55W/954/5500K for DESK-330,220

Product code: FY7478
€ 11.30
€ 9.34 without VAT
In stock
GE Lamp 1.20 m / 60 watts / 3200K

Fluorescent Tubes Kinoflo Lamp F75T12HO 1.20 m/75 watts/3200K for lights DESK-D,DESK-DMX and DESK-400.

Product code: ZC8136
€ 60.10
€ 49.67 without VAT
In stock
Kinoflo Lamp F75T12HO 1.20 m / 75 watts / 5500K

Fluorescent Tubes Lamp F75T12HO 1.20 m/75 watts/5500K for lights DESK-D,DESK-DMX and DESK-400

Product code: ZC8137
€ 75.30
€ 62.23 without VAT
In stock
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