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Basic 200 / start kit

Basic 200Ws / 150W flash set for beginners or advanced hobby photographers. A cost-effective and inexpensive set for learning how light works.

€ 258.00
€ 213.22 without VAT
FY4443 Arriving soon

LED WIFI 100B start kit

Set of LED light with softbox suitable if you are starting with a studio lighting or looking for a simple permanent light to illuminate your portraits or whole body indoors.

€ 570.00
€ 471.07 without VAT
FY4434 In stock

Basic Hobby LED 38/38

Kit of two basic LED continuous lights with maximum power of 38W and color temperature 5600K. Set consists of two lights, two diffusors, two stands, stand for reflection panel, 5in1 reflection panel, umbrellas, color filters and one transport bag. Great for small hobby studios.

€ 387.60
€ 320.33 without VAT
FY4439 Less then 5 PCS

LED ROLL 18/18 youtuber kit

Great basis for hobby video creators and youtubers. Very useful for small scenes and interviews.

€ 319.60
€ 264.13 without VAT
FY4427 Not in stock

LED MINI 12/12 RGB youtuber kit

Two RGB lights with film scenes. This set includes two lights, its accessories and two stands and it is great for all creative filmmakers and content creators.

€ 355.60
€ 293.88 without VAT
FY4433 Less then 5 PCS

LED BAR 17/17 portrait kit

Set of two LED bars for portrait photography.. Compact, powerful, mobile and easy to use. Set includes batteries.

€ 399.60
€ 330.25 without VAT
FY4446 Less then 5 PCS

LED portrait studio 15/17/17

Complete portrait LED studio in a transport bag. It is handy for beginners and professionals. In addition to portrait photography it is also very suitable for video interviews.

€ 719.60
€ 594.71 without VAT
FY4445 Not in stock

LED ROLL 62/62 interview kit

Set of two flexible and powerful lights, two stands and a transportation bag. Great set-up for on-location interview videos and youtube creators.

€ 675.60
€ 558.35 without VAT
FY4428 Not in stock

Digitalis 400/400

Set of Digitalis flashes which contains all things you need for your home photostudio.

€ 939.60
€ 776.53 without VAT
FY4414 Less then 5 PCS
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