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TS-5C, remote trigger for Canon

Wireless HSS, TTL, Strobo trigger and controller for Digitalis Pro TX. It is fully compatible with CANON cameras. 

€ 150.00
€ 123.97 without VAT
FY3004 In stock

TR-X32 Canon, set of transmitter / receiver

Wireless studio light trigger and receiver kit for Canon cameras.

€ 119.60
€ 98.84 without VAT
FY3480 In stock

TR- X32C, transmitter for Canon

Wireless studio light trigger for Canon cameras.

€ 75.60
€ 62.48 without VAT
FY3484 In stock

TR- X32C, receiver for Canon

Wireless studio light receiver for Canon cameras.

€ 55.60
€ 45.95 without VAT
FY3485 In stock

HSS IV, transmitter Canon

HSS (High Sync Speed) transmitter for Canon cameras. It is compatible with the FY7318 receiver. Allows you to enjoy full flash output up to 1 / 8000s. Performs the function of a classic launcher with wireless control of flash output and the test button.

€ 88.00
€ 72.73 without VAT
FY7312 In stock

HSS IV, receiver Nikon/Canon

HSS (High Sync Speed) receiver for strobes with STROBO function. Compatible with transmitters FY7314 and FY7312.

€ 76.00
€ 62.81 without VAT
FY7318 In stock
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