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Stands for Strobes and Lights

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LS - 20 S, stand for light

Stand for attaching heavier lights. Stand lifting capacity is 30 kg. Stand is equipped with crank, which allows you lift the light up to 380cm height comfortly. wheels for moving with stand are included.

Product code: ZC8152
€ 331.70
€ 274.13 without VAT
In stock
stand LS-209-mobil

Studio stands

Product code: FY7649
€ 266.10
€ 219.92 without VAT
In stock
stand LS-16S

Studio stands

Product code: FY7650
€ 273.40
€ 225.95 without VAT
In stock
Stand LS-19S

Studio stands

Product code: FY7648
€ 244.20
€ 201.82 without VAT
In stock
LS-16S without wheles

Profesionální studiový stojan pro tvrvalá světla a studiové blesky.

Product code: FY7651
€ 180.70
€ 149.34 without VAT
In stock
Wall-BOOM-3 + LS-401

Studio stands

Product code: FY7326
€ 138.30
€ 114.30 without VAT
Out for delivery
LS-401, stand for lights

Stable studio stand suitable for using with bigger softboxes or for background attaching

Product code: FY7306
€ 123.70
€ 102.23 without VAT
Out for delivery
Fomei Stand LS-13B

Studio stands

Product code: FY7304
€ 72.60
€ 60.00 without VAT
Not in stock
Master LS-3B

Product code: FY3510
€ 50.70
€ 41.90 without VAT
Not in stock
Master LS-6B

Product code: FY3511
€ 87.20
€ 72.07 without VAT
In stock
Master LS-10B

Product code: FY3512
€ 90.90
€ 75.12 without VAT
Not in stock
Master LS-13B

Product code: FY3513
€ 98.20
€ 81.16 without VAT
Not in stock
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