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Terronic - Basic

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BASIC 400P, studio flash kit TERRONIC

Sestava studiových blesků Basic - 400, vč. stativů, softboxu 60 x 60 cm, studiového deštníku 85 cm a přepravní tašky na celou soupravu. TR-4 DA Set ZDARMA (1x vysílač, 1x přijímač)

Product code: FY4252
€ 604.70
€ 499.75 without VAT
In stock
BASIC 200P, studio flash kit TERRONIC

Studio set of new flash generation Basic P 200 Ws. It is enhanced with glass coverreinforced joints and stable electronic. Incl. Tripods, softbox 60 x 60 cm, studio umbrella 85 cm and carrying bag for the whole set.

Product code: FY4253
€ 415.60
€ 343.47 without VAT
In stock
Basic Hobby Flash/Web studio 2

Studio kit is for taking photos of products, have two permanent lights Basic. Into this lights is added the flash tube. In the set is also a photo table with special trigger desk for images without shadows.

Product code: FY7429
€ 340.00
€ 280.99 without VAT
Not in stock
Basic Hobby/45/45 Ws, studio kit

Kit of studio flashes for amateur and hobby photography. Set includes: 2 x socket with bulb holder and reflector 2 x flash lamp 45 Ws incl. synchro cable and photoconductive sensor for IR synchronization 2 x stands 2 x studio umbrella 85 cm - diffuse

Product code: FY7442
€ 194.80
€ 160.99 without VAT
On request
Basic - start kit

Kit of studio umbrella and universal joint for amateur and hobby photography. The set is prepared for your DSLR flash. Kit can be used for portraits.

Product code: FY4297
€ 47.30
€ 39.09 without VAT
In stock
BASIC - 45DS, flash bulb

Flashbulb with screw cap E27, which you can add to Basic Hobby kit and create the cheapest version of flash foto studio.

Product code: FY4003
€ 29.90
€ 24.71 without VAT
Not in stock
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