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FOMEI 8x56 LEADER PRO ED FMC, binocular

FOMEI 8x56 LEADER PRO ED FMC, binocular
5 years

This first-rate binocular of DCF construction is equiped with optics produced by ED technology - Extra-low Dispersion. Polycarbonate body ensures high strength, dry nitrogen ensures waterproof and dustproof. Optics uses ED glass, Bak4 prisms and Phase MC-multicoating.

  • Product code: OY1861
  • Producer: FOMEI
  • Warranty: 5 years
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€ 366.20
€ 302.64 without VAT
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LEADER PRO ED binoculars are developed mainly for hunters and demanding users. High lens speed optics used in Leader series gives you opportunity to observe even in poor lighting conditions including night observation. ED technology, excellent lens speed and big optical output guarantee best results for observing during the day and also in the night. Strong black rubberized body secure resistance to shock. Minimal focusing distance are 3 m!

Due to fact that the index of refraction of the material is different for individual wavelengths of the impacting light the white light is split into the spectrum upon passage through the material. The white image is therefore split into a set of colourful images which have a different size and focusing position. It is therefore impossible to focus an image ideally without a colourful - rainbow rim, which then has a crucial effect on the luminosity and edge sharpness of the objective ..

When using ED glass, the colour defects are limited to minimum and ideal image is achieved. These unique properties are utilised by the LEADER PRO ED scopes.
- Polycarbonate components
- Filled with Dry nitrogen
- Waterproof, dust-proof, antifogging

Eyepieces distance (Left < > Right) is 58-75mm.

- Lens made with ED glass components
- BaK4 prisms
- High-resolution optics with Phaze FMC-multicoating lens
- Easy using secure central focusing unit with dioptric correction

Lens diameter56mm
Viewing angle6,1°
Visual field at 100 m107m
Minimum focusing distance3m
Relative lens speed49
Optical output7mm
Prism glassBaK4
Lens finishFMC - ED PRO
Dioptric compensation±3dpt
Tripod threadano / yes
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