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LED Fresnells

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3 Year Warranty

LED RGB 200F is a professional RGB light with a Fresnel lens and maximum power of 200 W. Compatible with Desal SIK app and DMX protocol.

€ 1 217.60
€ 1 006.28 without VAT
FY3630 Less then 5 PCS


3 Year Warranty

Continuous 160W (1600W eqv.) LED light with fresnel lens and variable color temperature of 3000K - 8000K

€ 818.60
€ 676.53 without VAT
FY3470 In stock

RC-WIFI, receiver for WiFi desk lights

WiFi receiver for wireless cotrol of Fomei LED lights, which support this function.

€ 92.00
€ 76.03 without VAT
FY3469 In stock

Click box 120 cm for Fresnel RGB 200F


Quick folding 120 cm softbox with special mounting for FOMEI LED RGB fresnel 200. Honeycomb filter and transport bag included.

€ 394.40
€ 325.95 without VAT
FY3697 In stock

Balloon 85 cm for Fresnel RGB 200F


Balloon softbox 85 cm with special mounting for FOMEI LED RGB fresnel 200. Carrying bag is included. Compared to the softbox, the balloon diffuser offers us omnidirectional illumination, which is suitable, for example, for lighting the whole room.

€ 207.90
€ 171.82 without VAT
FY3698 In stock

Travel kit 200F

€ 141.54
Sale bundle

Discounted set of 200W RGB LED light with fresnel lens and EcoFlow River 2 battery generator. The set includes a stand and a load bag for better stand stability in adverse conditions.

€ 1 790.04 € 1 648.50
€ 1 362.40 without VAT
FY4504 Less then 5 PCS